The Island follows and endorses mainstream Christian principles and beliefs. 


We understand that children come from differing cultures and beliefs and we value this diversity and recognize the importance of meeting family and individual values.



  For the Community    

We at The Island believe strongly in community involvement and as such this forms a large part of our day to day. From food drives to respite care, to delivering cookies to the local fire brigade, our kids learn the importance of giving back to their local community.

  For the Environment  

We value the environment and as such, sustainability forms an important part of our curriculum. From Earth day to The Word Cardboard Challenge, Island kids have the opportunity to get involved in various activities throughout the year. Where possible, we use toys made from natural, recycled materials from sustainable resources and source afternoon tea from local growers using sustainable practices.

  For our  families  

Here at the Island we value the input of our families and consider them to be our most important asset. As such, we endeavour to conduct quality parent information evenings and continually update and improve our services. Our aim is to provide our families with a convenient service whereby all after school activities can be performed in one place, including both children and adult’s classes in various areas such as dance, fitness, music and even cooking!

  For our kids  

At The Island, we want to surround our kids with a host of people who believe in them. We encourage them to thrive and learn new skills with daily organised activities. We wish for all of our kids to embrace their uniqueness and as such, provide one free extra-curricular activity per week in areas such as dance, music acrobatics and drama!



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