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Our Philosophy

The Island is a Christian service providing school-aged out of school hours care to children and their families of the Hills District within a caring, warm, fun, and safe environment. We understand that children come from differing cultures and beliefs, and we value this diversity. We recognise the importance of meeting family and individual values.
The Island is a place where children have a right to, and a voice in their development, with opportunities to choose their play and leisure activities, plan vacation care, communicate desires, share interests, develop and extend their learning, and provide feedback in a safe space. Educators promote equality regardless of gender, race, religion, sexuality, or ability.
The Island is a place where children and families are supported uniquely through the academy program, providing onsite extracurricular activities to assist time-poor families access the same opportunities that children who are not attending OSH services.
The Island is a place where families are welcome at any time. We celebrate the diversity of our families and seek input from them in areas of our operation. Families are encouraged to provide feedback, suggestions and communicate regularly about their children’s interests.
The Island is a place where the community is supported, not just locally but also the global community that we are all apart of. The Island services a number of schools during the term time, and children attend from all over Sydney during the holidays. The service completes numerous service projects throughout the year to support local emergency services, the environment and children overseas. The Island places a high priority on sustainable practise.
The Island is a place where educators are supported to build and develop their knowledge and skills to provide an excellent level of care to the children and families. Our educators are encouraged to share their unique abilities and gifts, and these are celebrated within the service.
The Island is a place that utilises the My Time, Our Place framework, and the National Quality Framework, to guide all practises.

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