28th October 2020

Today Year 3 began the afternoon with some fruit and spring rolls. After saying grace and eating, everyone took turns telling riddles to the whole group. PJ and Shaanvi particularly enjoyed figuring out the riddles and Madison provided everyone with lots of laughs from her easy riddles. Once a group of students left to karate, we decided to turn off the lights and play some games of laser tag. Both games were won by the boys but the girls put in a great effort. Following laser tag we headed to the trampoline where we met our little friend Jax from daycare who loved to play together with year 3, saving them from the foam pit

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Today in year 2-3 we started the afternoon by enjoying some custard for afternoon tea. We then all broke off and did our own thing for a while Devan and Kabier read for a while on the carpet while the