29th December, 2020

Today we had a really awesome day together at the Island! This morning Elise & Xander did so many amazing drawings together! Elise drew a beautiful picture of Tiki the turtle and Xander made a family of origami Santa’s...they were amazing! Once more of our friends arrived we made our way into the Year One room for some free play and lots of colouring in! After everyone had finished their colouring in sheets we then went to wash our hands and sit down for morning tea together. Our bellies were full and everyone was super hydrated, so we made our way onto the trampoline to burn some energy. Haan, Koko and Harvin played tip while on the trampoline, while Harlow and Jayden jumped in and out of the foam pit...it was really fun! After an hour or so jumping around we made our way back into the classroom so create a New Years craft! To create this craft everyone created a firework pattern using glue and then sprinkling coloured sand over the glue! Everyone’s firework craft looked so amazing! Ryan created the cutest smiling face and Aanika created a really beautiful snowflake! We then made our way back to the bathroom to wash our hands and then we sat down for lunch while we watched the LEGO movie together as per Jayden’s request! While we watched the movie Christa did some colouring and some of us created some awesome craft with the hama beads. The rest of our afternoon was quite relaxing! We spent some more time in the gym aswell as the classroom. Miss Kaylah even let us on the trampoline for a second time today, we are SO lucky!!

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