30th December, 2020

Today we had another super chill out day! This morning we had some time to free play, and we made LOTS of hama beads! Xander and Jayden created some pretty awesome LEGO too this morning. After we washed our hands and everyone ate morning tea we relaxed for a while before we made our way to our FAVOURITE place at The Island....the trampoline!!! We love to play tip, basketball and jumping races into the foam pit. We listened to our favourite music and jumped to the beat of the music, it was super fun! Once we were all puffed out we walked back to the Year One room to do some creative free play. This pretty much meant we had full roam of textas, crayons, pencils and everything we needed to create an awesome artwork! Zeppina made some beautiful cards for her Mum and Dad while Koko and Evie drew characters from their favourite game among us. Everyone’s craft looked amazing and everyone was becoming more and more inspired by their friends! We then washed our hands and had our lunch together as a class! We spoke about the New Year and what our resolutions are. Elises’ New Years resolution was to get better grades and Xanders was to try and listen better and more often...both really awesome answers! We then sat down and watched the movie Tala chose, which was Johnny English. While watching the movie some of us coloured in the muffin break bag and wear the apron and hat included. We had SO many bakers in the year one room and we all looked so awesome. The rest of our afternoon was super relaxing, spending some more time in the gym playing group games with our friends and finishing off all our creations from today!

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