31st December, 2020

Today we had a super small group of us, but we made the most of it! This morning Evie and Elise had a HUGE snowball fight in the 5 and 6 room, It was so much fun. The girls then teamed up and named them self “The E Squad” and attacked Miss Amber with all the snowballs, it was hilarious! Next to join us was Prateet and Anushka...we were so excited to see them! As soon as they arrived we jumped straight on the trampoline and played lots of games together, it was awesome! We then went inside to meet Jax and Harlow and play with Tiki for a while. We played tip with Tiki, named all the baby fish and even got to give Tiki some turtle food!!! We LOVE hanging out with Tiki, he is soooo cute! Jax misses Miss Denise so much he sat in her chair and was pretending to be her, we were all laughing so much! After we put our shoes on we made our way into the classroom to do some painting. Evie showed us a really unique painting technique where you place dots of paint on the paper, and use a straw and blow the paint around so create a unique blob each time!! We all had a really good time and ended up with some beautiful artwork. We sat down for lunch together and talked about what our plans are for New Years Eve tonight...most of us are staying home with our family to celebrate and watch the fireworks from our TV! After lunch we did some reading, played some games together and did some more painting. Miss Katie came past to visit and we were very happy to see her. We were making badges using paper and tape until Miss Katie taught us how to use the badge making machine...we got so excited we began right away! Prateet and Harlow made an awesome baseball badge, while Evie, Anushka and Elise made some really beautiful badges for the teachers and for each other. We had a really nice day today and we hope everyone has an amazing New Year!!

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