Friday 11th of December

Year 2 enjoyed a relaxing last day of the week today.

As many of us have been collecting our artwork for the year to bring home from school, today some of us shared our favourite, most colourful and creative artworks as we enjoyed afternoon tea. Levi’s parrot and Mahit’s mask were voted the class favourites.

When we finished eating we started free playing. Today the army HQ returned with Georgia and Matilda once again handling the administration while Levi held down the front line. Today however we took a very medically conscious route with many a battlefield injury being brought back to the infirmary for treatment. I was impressed with the robustness of the makeshift bandages and medical equipment and the resourcefulness of the kids in making the tools.

Those of us who would rather do something else found a home with our neighboring year 3’s as they played the ever popular game imposter.

As the day wore on we worked our way down to the gym for a bounce on the trampoline. Sibling duo Riley and Matilda performed some impressive feats of athleticism.

When 6 o’clock came we grabbed our shoes and socks and headed back inside as the day came to an end.

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