Friday 20th of November

The entrepreneurial spirit conjured yesterday took hold in year 1 today. The small venture with a small roster of staff expanded to a full blown enterprise called ‘the cheesy restaurant’. Naturally a business in its growth stage has an expanded customer base - this took the form of a visit from year 2 and 3 that was admittedly hectic but a lot of fun for all.

Levi our resident waiter welcomed the patrons and escorted them to their seats before taking their order. Our chefs then leaped into action as Joubin, Georgia, Serrinah, Kyra and Luke worked hard to dish out everyone’s meals in a timely manner although couldn’t altogether avoid some grumbling from our less patient patrons left standing in line.

As our year 2 and 3 customers finished their meals and departed the restaurant they left reviews ranging from 2 to 1000 stars that I’m happy to report were overwhelmingly positive.

For those of us that weren’t interested in business life there was plenty of fun to be had playing with our bugs with Kiara and Abrianna once again reforming the room to fit their preferred design. Georgia also enjoyed grabbing the bandages and wrapping up a host of injuries.

A great end to the week.

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