Friday 27th November, 2020

Today we had a fun day in year 4, 5, & 6! We had a scavenger hunt and played among us!

We started with an exhilarating game of Christmas Scavenger hunt! This game was suggested by Evie! It was the best idea yet!

We played boys versus girls! The girls dominated the game! The found all the items! Both teams had only minutes to go around the whole island to find the items needed like a Christmas tree, star, and tinsel! Abby used Dave in Kindy as baby Jesus! Eddie pretend he was the Christmas star! Isla got fashion tinsel! The children learned how to be creative, communication, and team work! Artin was the fastest! Sophie and Annika were very creative! Abby was a great team leader! Evie ran the most and Ashmeet knew where to find everything!

We then Headed to the soccer room to join year 3 in a game of silent ball! It was so silent you could hear a needle drop! Our wonderful Sophie from year 4 won the first round! Amaan was very good at catching and throwing! Abby threw so far!

We then all decided to go upstairs to end the day off by playing among us! We had a great and fun active day!

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