Friday 27th of November

We had a relaxed day in year 1 on this warm Friday.

We were treated to a special afternoon tea today in the form of an iceblock to devour on the condition that we finished all our fruit. As you might imagine this was achieved with a very diligent team effort.

When it was time for free play, some of the boys got inventive with the car games they were playing. Primarily Nicholas, Haythan and Kabier designed a range of tracks and set up different targets and goals to aim for as they competed to find the best driver.

Sammy, Kyra and Poppy meanwhile were doing some more Christmas drawing. As we get more opportunities to practice our Christmas trees designs they have gotten better and better and today’s designs were a reflection of that improvement. Sammy focused on trying to make a snowball and she nailed the aesthetic although we did run into some structural issues

As usual we had some LEGO builders. Levi impressed with his zombie fortress. First he created the frame in which the rest of construction adventure would take place before fleshing out the details with some smaller designs and some ever important imagination.

By the end of this it looked like a cyclone localized entirely in the year 1 room had swept through and so we embarked on a big cleanup effort before heading to the gym for a bounce on the trampoline. Yison, Sammy and Levi did a bunch of impressions as they jumped into the foam pit ranging from animals to recreations of movie scenes. My personal favourite was Yisons hilarious slug impression.

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