Friday 4th of December

Today year 1 and 2 combined to enjoy the last day of the week together.

Post afternoon tea we jumped straight into some free play and watched different groups form across the whole room. Some boys made a beeline for the wooden blocks and started constructing a zombie defense fort complete with necessities like a food and water stockpile. Joubin and Levi along with Zach for support also showed admirable creativity in their design of wall defenses and traps.

Meanwhile Poppy, Kiara, Sammy and Abrianna made their way to the ever popular kitchen. With some support from various kitchen staff that filtered in and out Abrianna was tasked with serving her three friends as their demands and aligned expectations began rising exponentially. They had a lot of fun playing the demanding V.I.P - a role they fit into a little too comfortably for my liking!

Haythan, Nicholas and Kabier spent a big chunk of the afternoon playing with their cars. Sometimes using the room itself while other times constructing their own ramps and jumps, the boys extracted a lot of fun from their environment coupled with a little imagination.

As planned, in the late afternoon we went off to the gym for a jump on the trampoline. Joubin and Ishi were excited to show off their skills and so had a photo shoot performing a number of impressive tricks. Both also spared a thought for the aesthetic of their performance making for some great action shots.

In no time at all it was 6 o’clock and time to return to the room.

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