Friday, November 27 2020

To start off the day we had ice blocks to celebrate the weekend! This was super exciting for us as a class. Everyone got flavours they loved. Om got Coco cola, which was his favourite & Jubin had bubblegum. Yum!

We were all dying to go on the trampoline, so Miss. Kaylah let us go on right after afternoon tea. We jumped for a very long time & played lots of different trampoline games, like blue monster & zombies! While one group was waiting for the trampoline, we played handball, hopscotch & soccer. After we were really hot & sweaty, we went back upstairs for a big game of Among Us. This particular game was so fun today because of the years joined together to play! Among Us was a great end to this Friday afternoon. We were so happy to play it all together. Year 2 had such a great afternoon, getting exercise & laughing with friends.

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