Friday the 12th of February 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Today we celebrated the upcoming Valentine’s Day in Kindy and Year 1!

As we were picked up from school and played briefly in the gym many of us shared the Valentine’s craft or activity we did at school and were excited to hear we were staying on theme for our afternoon activity.

But first came afternoon tea. Today this was Sloppy Joes pizza much to the children’s delight. Both the beef and vegetarian alternative returned rave reviews.

We launched straight into our craft. As we knew some kids had done similar activities in the day we focused on creative expression rather than strict adherence to the typical card or love heart to avoid repetition. To facilitate this we brought out a box of miscellaneous (mostly red and pink) materials like glitter card and cellophane with great results. Arguably the standout was Haylee’s glitter handbag with a flower design that she once again made with no educator assistance. Her understanding of how she needed to go about construction was very impressive. Raeesha and Lily made cards for Mum applying great craftsmanship as they used of a variety of materials to complete their creation. Also worth note was Myras Valentine’s drawing - she’s done a drawing every day this week and seeing her apply her ability to the given theme was awesome.

Elsewhere in the room Annika played with the ever popular hammer activity utilising our new boards! Dev and Jason also kept themselves busy free playing as they constructed a tower and a storage container respectively. Jason’s container worked near perfectly, holding all the remaining pieces and reflecting his organisational skills and clear knack for spatial efficiency.

Before it was too late we packed our things up neatly and headed to the gym for a much anticipated run around. Naturally we focused on the trampoline but the climbing tower also saw significant traffic in its continued ascent to popularity.

Finally, we retuned to the room awaiting pickup and the weekend ahead!

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