Friday the 14th of May 2021, Year 4, 5 and 6

Today, Khushi made a ‘HOGWARTS HOUSES‘ sign for the poster wall.

Koko, Sienna, Madison, Taylor and Evie went to acrobatics.

Isla and Sophie went to Karate and the rest of the class had a workout on the trampoline!

This week in Year 4, 5 and 6 has been full of laughter and excitement!

A competition was presented to the kids which they all took very seriously! The competition was to design a Harry Potter Poster for their designated house! The time frame of one week meant the children could discuss and all part take in the task!

Ravenclaw presented a beautiful poster which included a raven surrounded by draping vines and spell books.

Gryffindor created a lovely poster with an enormous Lion as the focal point to represent bravery! The group also created a chant for their house which was very creative. They also drew a golden snitch which was a nice touch.

Hufflepuff designed a logo for their house. Stemmed from the logo were their characteristics including loyalty and kindness.

Slytherin drew a gigantic green snake on their poster which looked very striking! Aiden drew a ‘Slytherin’ banner above the snake which looked awesome!

Everyone had lots of fun with this creative task! The winning Harry Potter house poster is ... RAVENCLAW!

Congratulations to Ravenclaw!!

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