Friday the 19th of March 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

Today kindergarten and year 1 learnt about inclusiveness, respect and belonging as we celebrated harmony day!

It was a slightly different beginning to our day as after an extended play in the gym we combined for afternoon tea rather than going to our room. As one big group the island considered how diversity and inclusivity is our strength and why it’s important to foster an accepting culture in all we do.

We split into our class groups for some activities. The older kids did some writing activities, building each other up with encouragement and seeking out students from a range of different cultures to reinforce the notion of the diverse backgrounds that exist at the island. Our activity strived to cultivate similar concepts in a more simple way. We sat in a circle and one by one were asked to say something we liked about the person sitting next to us. We heard some really great answers complimenting others smiles, their positive attitudes and their ability to make everyone laugh among others. For the most part everyone came up with their nice comment independently showcasing how the kids have made an effort to play with everyone not just those they already knew or go to school with.

Finally it was time for afternoon tea. We had a bountiful meal including our favourite afternoon teas like spring rolls and Lebanese bread alongside our typical fruit. Naturally everyone returned positive feedback with most going back for a second plate.

When we left the gym it was already past 5 o’clock. We made a move back to our room where the kids split into two distinct groups. Those of us that are more artistically inclined headed for the craft table where they made cards for a loved one with harmony day designs on the front. Myra drew a dressed up princess whilst Haylee went for her signature love heart.

Those of us looking to free play instead did just that. The magnetic sand had a stream of visitors as always. Dev got creative and went to the puppet box attempting to show off his ventriloquist skills. Zach meanwhile ran the bakery and lego shop manning the phones ready for the orders to start rolling in.

As the end of the day approached we transitioned to quiet free play as those of us remaining waited to be picked up.

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