Friday the 23rd of April 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

Kindy and year 1 had a relaxing day as we finished our week of Anzac Day activities.

This afternoon the kids walked in from washing their hands to a plate of fruit and tuna bake for afternoon tea.

From there we went off to karate class or began today’s activity. We printed out a number of Anzac day worksheets with fun tasks that broadened our knowledge on the subject. The most popular was a simple wreath colouring in, with many of us completing the design in a nice neat and tidy manner. Also popular were the find-a-word, maze and crack the code activities.

Elsewhere we free played in the room, with those of us that preferenced a construction task gravitating to the lego or the red and yellow blocks.

As a nice end to the week we grabbed our water bottles and headed to gym for a long jump on the trampoline. We then returned to the room at 6 to await the weekend.

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