Friday the 26th of February 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

Food, freeplay and fun running around were on offer today at the Island.

We started our day in a delicious way as we enjoyed brownies for afternoon tea! To nobody’s surprise they garnered universal praise. We agreed to try and be on our best behaviour at afternoon tea so we can have brownies again as soon as possible.

As everyone finished eating we dispersed into our classes, with many of us going either to fitness in the gym or upstairs for guitar lessons. Our remaining number were instructed to grab an activity out of the drawers and engage in some free play. Attention turned immediately to our kinetic sand as we could all have a long turn if desired - a rare privilege for a popular activity. Dev, Haylee, Lily and Kiara got creative with their moulding and sculpting, experimenting using a range of tools and techniques to shape the sand. Across the room Myra and Annika settled in to their favourite activity, drawing and colouring to their hearts content.

As our classmates started to return we made a move towards today’s activity. Joining with some older kids in the gym we played a number of ‘under the sea’ running games. Switching after every round we rotated through fish fish shark, land water sea, eel rush and turtle tip. This was a nice change of pace to the more passive activities we’ve been engaged with recently and the kids responded well with strong participation and plenty of smiles on faces. In particular Jason, Dev, Varshika and Myra showcased their speed and agility as they finished rounds in podium position.

With our excess energy burned off we gathered our socks, shoes and water bottles and returned to the kindy and year one room. We quietly played with the chef and restaurant equipment as we waited for our parents to arrive.

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