Friday the 7th of May, Year 2-3

Today was the best day for so many reasons! We got to show off all that we made for Mothers Day throughout the week. Shrihaan made a picture frame of him blowing kisses, Luana made a cupcake card and Abrianna made a card with a teacup on it. We all made such creative and beautiful gifts for our moms, it was amazing to see the talent of our class! Then we did something new and very fun that we’ve never done before in the history of year 2-3 class. We made a video for our mothers special day! Each of us got a chance to say something sweet about our mom, like why we love them and the things they do best. Of course, we all said “I love you” and wished our mums a “Happy Mother’s Day!” Please go check out the video in the newsletter if your child comes on Fridays, it is SO cute!!! We had a blast making this video and showering our mums with love. See you next week Year 2-3 and Happy Mothers Day!

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