Little Explorers, 22nd Dec

Today we spent our morning busy running around and doing lots of fun activities! Our morning began with colouring in and reading before we made our way into the gym for some rounds of survival tip, land - water - sea and free play. Once we were all puffed out and ready to relax we made our way inside to wash our hands and eat some morning tea. After our bellies were all full and we were all hydrated we started doing our 4 station activity! Our options were to play pin the tail on the Rudolph; Write letters to Santa; Create Xmas themed owls or The Nativity Story. We then did a super quick pack up and made our way into the gym for REINDEER GAMES! We started off by playing a guessing game where we had to try and guess what was wrapped up in the present and whoever guessed the closest, got to unwrap it and keep the prize! Bailey won a huge tube of bubbles, Kabier won the green LEGO set and Aanika won a rainbow fluffy unicorn pencil case, it was SO much fun! We played a few rounds of Rudolph’s running nose, then continued with a few rounds of the sneaky reindeer! We made out way back into the classroom to wash our hands and have lunch, then the rest of the afternoon was quite relaxing. We spent some time on the trampoline, doing some drawing and then sitting down to watch a movie. Today was really awesome and we had so much fun playing Christmas games with our friends!

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