Little Explorers/Explorers/Navigators and Adventurers- 28th Jan, 2021

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Today the little explorers got to spend the day out of the centre for an amazing last day of vacation care! Our morning started off quite relaxing, with some free play in the classroom and then moving into the gym for group games! We then made our way into the classroom for morning tea and to explain our awesome activity for the day. We then grabbed our stuff and loaded up onto the bus to begin our 30 minute adventure in the big bus! Massive thank you to Mr Ben for always driving us and getting us to our destination safely!!! Once we arrived at our destination we couldn’t sit still, we were soooo excited to see Turbo Climb! We were blown away with all the rock climbing walls, they were all different and super high up. The first group to climb out on their harness and got straight into it! Some of were a little afraid at first but after watching our friends climb we grew some confidence! Mennouk and Om were the first two Little Explorers to make it to the top of the wall, everyone was super impressed! Our favourite activity was the city buildings where we walked all the way up and jumped down, we felt like we were flying! After our session was up we swapped and got to watch the Navigators and Adventurers! They were fearless and so many of them reached the top. We were cheering for them from the outside after we had all finished lunch! It was really awesome to watch the older kids so next time we can climb ever higher than we did today! Once our time was up we packed our stuff away and said a huge thank you to the lovely staff member who helped us with our harness and clips throughout the day. We then made our way into the bus to head back to the Island. Once we arrived some of us played in the gym while the rest of us watched a movie! We had a really awesome last day of vacation care today and we are all super excited to begin our first day of school!

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