Monday the 26th of April 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

Today we started our new topic for the term - the farm!

We started the day with our typical fruit platter and afternoon tea which today was cheese scrolls. The class gave them two thumbs up.

For our activity today we were excited to start a new topic. As we did last term we discussed what we already knew about farm topic. As they often do the kids impressed with their existing knowledge base. They were week versed in farm animals and their role on the farm as well as different crops that can be grown and accessories like barns, stables and scarecrows. Raeesha, Ravi and Melissa were particularly enthusiastic in their answers.

As our first activity we all grabbed a blank piece of paper to draw a farmyard setting. Kids drew what came to mind when we heard the word ‘farm’ resulting in a wide variety of pictures that reinforces the diversity of thought in the class.

As the afternoon progressed we made a move for the gym. We all had a long turn jumping on the trampoline which we very much enjoyed.

We returned to the room at 6 for some quiet games as we waited for our parents.

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