Monday 14th of December

Start of the last school week of the year!

With the school holidays rapidly approaching, year 2 and 3 were in a mood to play some games - and with the entire upstairs being combined we had the perfect arena in which to play.

After afternoon tea our skateboarders went to class for the last time this year. We decided our big game today would be laser tag and so we had some time to fill until everyone came back and we could jump into it. We decided to do some Christmas trivia! The girls proved particularly adept at answering these admittedly tricky and potentially esoteric questions. Julia, Nicole and Georgia all answered well.

As we started to get bored we transitioned to some games of imposter. The first game was an excellent close and exciting game in which Aryan won a narrow victory for the imposter team. In game two our crew-mates got their swift revenge however.

As our skateboarders returned we turned our attention to laser tag. It was an age old battle of boys, stationed in the dance studio vs the girls in the year 3 room. The game was played in excellent spirit with the girls being well worth their victory even with their numbers advantage. Everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Time flies when you’re having fun - and so it was as we looked at the clock and realized it was time to go home.

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