Monday, 18th Jan - Little Explorers

Today the Little Explorers put on their creative hats and got to work! To start off our morning we had some time to free play until more of our friends showed up, and once they did we made our way into the gym for some group games! We played games such as Pac-Man, Bullrush and Survival tip! We always have so much fun running around in the gym with our friends!! Once we were all tired and hungry we made our way into the classroom for some morning tea and to rehydrate ourselves. After everyone was super full and ready to start our activity for the day we made our way onto the floor to have a group discussion about today’s activity and what our plan for the day is. Miss Katie got us a craft pack from reverse garbage, where we have previously visited before and LOVED! In each bag included lots of different things such as googly eyes, cup lids, ribbon, buttons and SO much more! The best part was that each bag was filled with different things so we could share and trade with our friends! We had one hour to create anything we wanted, and we got to see how amazing everyone’s imagination is! We paired up with one of our friends and shared the reverse garbage bag and as a team we created some pretty awesome stuff! Evelyn and Harlow made an amazing kite and used lots and lots of the supplies from the bag, they did a great job! Luke L re-created Forky from toy story and it looks so awesome! We then washed our hands and sat down for lunch and while we ate Miss Teagan and Miss Amber explained what the next activity was, creating our very own theme park using all the supplies left over! Our theme park turned out awesome! We created roller coasters, a ferries wheel, ice cream and fairy floss stores and created a path way for our LEGO people to be able to get from one attraction to the other, check it out in the Year One room! After our big clean up we made our way into the gym for a run around until it was time to return to the classroom for afternoon tea. The rest of our afternoon was quite relaxing with some free play, a movie and some colouring in!

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