Monday the 23rd of November ,2020

Year 2 put on their imaginary hard hats today and got down to some construction.

Initially the plan was to construct a giant fort as a group, but as creative differences in approach surfaced, we decided to split up building resources and make our own bases instead. This friendly competition served as the source of inspiration for the unique and creative forts that were ultimately constructed.

We had to make a range of decisions with impacts that made us think hard about design choices and be flexible in our overall vision. The first and most important of these was where to station the base. Serenity and Ava took advantage of the fan in one corner, making it central to their ‘spa club’ which promised its visitors a day of pampering.

Levi and Riley employed the wooden blocks creatively, first as defenses to ward off invading armies and then as flags and banners to which their army could rally. Levi gave a rousing speech to his troops inspried by the great spartan commander Leonidas. It also didn’t hurt his bases’ popularity that they also took control of the bean bags with their strategic choice of build location.

Finally for those of us not interested in building we had some board game fun instead! Om, Luke and Neil played some tactical games of chess while Joubin and Ava faced off in checkers.

We were having such a good time and we’re so into our projects that we even passed up the opportunity to finish the day in the gym!

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