Monday 30, November 2020

Today we continued on with challenge #5, after we ate our spring rolls with sweet chili sauce. This challenge was called “candy cane lick.” Whoever got to the end of the candy cane by licking it would win points for their team & an extra candy cane! It was a bit tricky & took over 15 minutes in total, but eventually we found a winner! Artin came in first place after finishing his whole candy cane and Audrey came in second place. The boys team was awarded 10 points and the girls 5 points!

Right now the girls are still in the lead by a few points, but the boys are very confident that they will catch up soon. Maybe even next challenge! Next we had a bit of free play that consisted of a handle ball battle, colouring in & foosball. To finish off the afternoon we did one of our old favorites, penny boarding! Everyone rode around like pros, thanks to the penny boarding class! We had a great afternoon & are so glad to be sharing it with you.

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