Monday 30th of November

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Year 2 had fun in the room and in the gym today.

Even with some visiting year 1s we flew through afternoon tea, hardly a surprise considering we had fruit and spring rolls on the menu. We launched straight into free play with most of us jumping straight back in to the fort building we started last week. The scenario this time however was zombie themed with captain Levi, leading the defense constructions and marshaling the troops for battle. Georgia and Grace ensured the base was operating to full efficiency and communicated with HQ from the field.

Many of us also joined year 3 to play a few rounds of imposter - a game in which everyone is a detective trying to deduce who the traitors among the group are. Luke, Riley and Om were all excited to report they had successful turns as the imposter.

Later, we joined year 1 on the gym for some playtime in the soccer court. Haythan, Luke and Devan had a great game between the three of them and stayed far longer than those around them.

Meanwhile, Georgia and Serenity were petitioning to have a turn on the penny boards and were bold enough to strap a helmet on and have a go at trying to glide around. Serenity was using her own chalkboard inspired board that looked awesome.

Finally, we made sure to have a bounce on the trampoline before gathering our stuff and going back to the room. As we waited for our parents Sammy proudly showed us her colourful slap ruler.

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