Monday 7th of December

Today year 2 got creative in our room.

Our afternoon began with afternoon tea consisting of fruit and muffins which went down a treat. After devouring that we decided almost unanimously to free play instead of going to the gym first up. The foreman amongst us got straight to work grabbing chairs and putting together their construction. Today army HQ was built complete with reception. Riley and Joubin set about building the walls and constructing some defenses, while Matilda, Levi and Georgia served as admin workers and recruiters.

Meanwhile Serenity and Ava were thinking hard about the narrative of their puppet show! They had designed a functional stage for the puppets with a table and a big sheet of paper before summoning an audience and putting on their show. We all thought it was funny and entertaining.

With half an hour before the gym closed we finally decided we wanted to go and thus a rapid clean up preceded our trip to the trampoline. Once again everyone wanted to show off their skills with difficult maneuvers or fancy jumps.

We timed our return to perfection, jumping off the trampoline and grabbing our shoes and drink bottles to walk back into year 1 at 6 o’clock on the dot.

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