Monday April 26, 2021 - Year 2 & 3

Today in year 2-3 we began the day with a beautiful presentation by our Matthew Pearce kids. Joubin, Robin, Neil, Neo, Grace and Luana sang with their other classmates a song called “Everyone Belongs” for their Harmony Day. It was beautiful! Once we arrived in our classroom, we had amazing cheese pizza that was a big hit of course. Then we began our activities! Everyone took turns writing down their different ideas for this terms theme, Camp! We are very excited for this and thought about quite a few great idea to add to the program during term 2. Our class came up with ideas like making s’mores, flashlight tag, learning how to build a fire in the wildness, etc.

We continued the afternoon with a craft using scrap paper to make a campfire collage. They turned out beautiful! This craft will continue on Wednesday because lots of us went to classes like skateboarding and piano! The rest of the evening consisted of jumping on the trampoline, building with legos and some drawing. Our class is looking forward to the plant presentation that is happening tomorrow afternoon. See you then 😊

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