Monday the 10th of May, Year 2-3

Today was a super fun Monday in year 2-3! After we finished our nachos, which we really enjoyed (so much so that Christa fed some to her stuffed kitten!), we watched a bear hunt video that would help us make our camping craft for the day. The bear hunt video and song told us what order of obstacles we would have to go through in order to find the hidden bear! Then on paper we replicated our journey and drew different obstacles we might encounter if we were actually going through the woods hunting for a grizzly bear.

Next we did a fun craft making binoculars, which is a tool we could use in our bear hunt! We got to colour our binoculars fun colours and at the end of the term we will get to take them home.

The rest of the week is going to be SO awesome because we get to make s’mores, build camping tents and more! We

annot wait to continue our week with friends, in the wilderness of the top floor or the island, in year 2-3!!

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