Monday the 10th of May, Year 4,5&6

Today was a fun Monday in 4,5&6! We began the afternoon eating nachos with corn chips and rice with beans, tomatoes, corn, carrots and ground beef. It was very yummy and we enjoyed it! Then we continued the fun with a few rounds of Bull Rush in the soccer field. We also had one of our favorite classes, skateboarding with Mr. Denver! Everyone always has a great time at this class.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of jumping and doing flips on the trampoline, while Miss. Kaylah attempted to take photos of the kids mid-flip. We managed to get a few really cool shots which we were excited about! Some of us hung out in the sand pit too, whilst a handful of girls were having a singing battle on the white couch.

We had a relaxed and chilled afternoon, but still lots of fun. Can’t wait for tomorrow! See you then year 4, 5 & 6 😊

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