Monday the 12th of April, Adventurers (years 4-6)

Today was an amazing day for the Adventurers! We had a lovely day at the beach. The day began as normal, eating breakfast & playing quietly together in the classroom. After everyone arrived at The Island, we had free play in the gym before morning tea. Once we quickly ate our snacks, we hopped on the bus towards the Norwest metro. We took two other trains before we got to Circular Quay. At Circular Quay we got to ride the ferry all the way to Manly. The ferry was very fun, and the tide was super high today. The waves were splashing is when we sat outside on the ferry. We’ve never seen anything like it!

Once we reached the beach, we played in the water for awhile before taking a break to eat lunch. The water was very cold, but that didn’t stop us. We splashed around as much as we could without getting our clothes wet. After playing in the water, we took a break for lunch and relaxed in the sun. Next we had our sandcastle building competition and everyone made such cool sandcastles! It was a blast. We finished the trip with some more ocean play and then icecream!!! This was everyone favorite part.

When we got back to The Island we had a relaxing afternoon with a movie, gym time and fun! We all agreed this was an awesome day and we want to come back to Manly again. See you all tomorrow 😊

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