Monday the 15th February, Year 2 - 3

Today we spent the afternoon creating some really awesome rainbow dinosaurs using scratching paper. Our afternoon began with washing our hands and enjoying fruit and nachos, soooo delicious! We then moved straight onto our activity of using dinosaur shaped scratch paper to create our very own unique dinosaur. Sammy and Kiara gave their dinosaurs super unique patterns. Kabier wrote his name on his dinosaur and it looked awesome! Once we all created a dinosaur each we glued them onto a big piece of paper to make our own Jurassic mountain. Georgia, Serrinah, Kyra and Abrianna spent lots of time gluing the dinosaurs to the sheet aswell as drawing huge mountains, beautiful trees and lots of sunshine! Our dinosaur collage looks incredible, and we all worked really well as a team! The rest of us created some impressive lego creations too. Once we were all ready to move to the gym we spent the rest of our afternoon playing on the slide and having some free play on the basketball court until it was time to head home.

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