Monday the 15th of March, Year Two and Three

Our afternoon was filled of playing lots of group games with our class, skateboarding and playing in the gym with everyone from The Island!

For afternoon tea today we enjoyed cheese pizza, one of our class favourites! Once our bellies were full we packed our plates away and moved down onto the green mat to play a new class game Miss Kaylah introduced to us, called Pterodactyl. We love playing this game because it’s super easy, and sooo hilarious watching our friends make funny faces and speak in funny voices. Our two winners were Grace and Abrianna, Congrats!

We were then joined by some of our Year 4, 5 & 6 friends, so we decided to move our games day down to the soccer room! We played a few rounds of survival tip, bulrush and then had some time to free play and spend time with our friends! While some of our classmates moved into their skateboarding class the rest of us were lucky enough to jump on the trampoline and play on the blue grass until it was time to go home.

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