Monday the 22nd of March, Year Two and Three

This week in Year 2 & 3 we are focusing on kindness and respect towards others. To start off our afternoon we had some extra time to play in the gym after school to get out some energy. We then made our was upstairs and had a delicious ricotta cheesecake! After our plates were packed away we made our way down to the green mat to talk about the plans for today.

Our activity this afternoon was really interesting and fun to do! Miss Kaylah taped half an A4 piece of paper to everyone’s back & everyone received a coloured texta. We were then given 10 minutes to run around the classroom and write one kind thing about the person who’s paper you are writing on. Once our time was up we sat down in a circle and everyone took the paper from their back and had the chance to read it to their classmates. Everyone was so happy and uplifted when reading out the lovely things people think about them, it was really nice to see everyone smile!

The rest of the afternoon was quite relaxing, a few of us coming and going for our academy classes while the rest of us had some free play in the classroom until it was time to head home!

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