Monday the 24th of May - Year 4, 5 & 6

The afternoon begin with a Yummy pasta with red sauce. It had broccoli, and carrots in it. We also enjoyed our usual plates of food. Then we were given the choice of a few different activities by our teacher. Miss Liza told us to choose between ping-pong, drawing, Lego or our favorite teachers game. Artin and Robert choose ping pong, battling each other all afternoon long. Kayden and sharia played Legos and your floor, building different creations. PJ, Aarnav and Cynthia worked on homework together. Nicole helped them out! All of the girls drew different beautiful drawings, like self portraits and

pictures of each other. It was so fun!

Isla and Julia also made Among Us masks.

For the rest of the afternoon, everyone went to their own academy classes. All the boys and some girls went to skateboarding class with Mr. Denver, which they always really enjoy. Then the rest of the students went to piano class!

We finished up our afternoon tidying up the room and making it look good as new. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

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