Monday the 24th of May, Year Two and Three

This afternoon in the Year Two and Three classroom we created some very special stars to create a starry sky in our classroom!

For afternoon tea we had our fruit plates followed by a delicious serving of cheese and broccoli pasta. Once we had all eaten and packed away, we made our way down to the floor so Miss Kaylah could explain our activity. We were shown some demonstration stars that Miss Kaylah had previously made which helped us gain ideas for our stars! We then grabbed a sheet of black paper and got to work. Some of us decided to cut our stars out and then paint them with fluro yellow paint which looked awesome! Whereas the other group used glue and glitter for a super sparkly star. Shrihaan and Kyra created a star pattern using glitter on their stars and they looks amazing!

Most of the class then moved onto to skateboarding, so the rest of us chilled out in the classroom and had some free play. Lexie taught Eli how to play fooseball, and by the end of it he was winning the game! Joubin also gave the class a show with his awesome dance moves to his favourite song, he was making everyone so happy that everyone in the room ended up joining in!

We then cleaned up the classroom and made our way downstairs until it was time for us to go home.

See you tomorrow!

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