Monday the 29th of March, Year 2-3

To start off the day we sang happy birthday in the gym to Robin. We also learned about Riley’s rugby class and the barbecue he had on the weekend with his team! Then we ate nachos together, which we haven’t had at the Island in forever. Everyone was very happy to welcome this afternoon tea favorite back onto the menu.

This afternoon we began our Easter celebration! We decorated Easter eggs with the new paints our classroom got. Some of us made our eggs very personal, like Shrihaan! He colored his Easter egg yellow because that is his moms favorite colour. Grace painted hers dark blue with stars to look like the galaxy! Although a messy craft, we enjoyed coloring the eggs.

After we finished craft, most of us went to either skateboarding or piano class. Then we began watching Mulan together. We had a great afternoon being creative, celebrating and spending time together as a class.

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