Monday the 31st of May, Year Two and Three

This afternoon Year Two and Three spent the afternoon learning and talking about first aid kits while camping.

For afternoon tea we enjoyed our fruit plates followed by a carrot, pumpkin and ricotta was really yummy. We then packed our plates away and made our way down to the green mat for a class discussion. We first spoke about who has ever had to use a first aid while while on a camping trip, and what was the most important object in the kit for their injury. Once we had all shared our stories with the class, we made our way up to the tables to begin our activity.

Our activity was creating our own first aid kit with what we think is the most important things. Miss Amber printed a sheet with some very important and some not so important objects. Our job was to cut the pictures out and paste the ones we think are useful, onto our first aid kit. Everyone did really awesome, although lots of us have candy in our first aid kits, incase we get hungry. We completed our activity and put them up on the wall, and they look awesome.

We then had some time to play fooseball and have listen to some music and dance around.

See you tomorrow.

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