Monday the 3rd of May, Year Two and Three

Welcome to Week Three of Term Two! Although our plan for the day unfortunately had to be postponed, we still had an amazing afternoon together.

Before making our way upstairs everyone in the gym sung a big happy birthday to Serrinah who celebrated her birthday over the weekend. Happy Birthday Serrinah!

For afternoon tea we had some very delicious butter chicken along with our plates of fruit. Today an incursion with reverse garbage had to be postponed and although we were super excited for our visit, we understand that sometimes things change! We then decided as a class to have a relaxing afternoon and spend some time in the classroom with our friends. Most of the boys moved on to the fooseball table and attempted to host a tournament. We didn’t have quite enough time to find the champion but we will continue on during the week. Goodluck! Some of us stayed sitting at the tables and created posters or drew some pictures. Luana, Grace and Sathwik made up a handshake and showed the class, it was awesome!!!

See you tomorrow!

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