Monday the 7th of June, Year Two and Three

Today in the upstairs classroom we created our very own student profiles. We love doing these activities as we get to know our classmates better!

For afternoon tea we had a delicious beef and vegetable bake with rice. Sathwik, Grace, Luana and Kyra had a presentation to show the class about their upcoming class tests, we all wished them lots of luck. We then packed our plates away and made our way onto the green mat for a group discussion about our activity.

Miss Amber created a template suited to us, with 6 interesting questions at the bottom. We also had the chance to decorate the border around our photo to represent us. All of our pages looked amazing, and once we had our photo taken we were able to free play.

The rest of our afternoon was spent upstairs listening to music and playing with the magnetic blocks!

See you tomorrow.

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