Monday the 8th of March 2021, Year 4, 5 and 6

Today years 4/5/6 celebrated international women’s day before going for a run around in the gym.

The day started with the typical dishing up of fruit and afternoon tea. Today this took the form of a meatball, rice and green bean dish topped with teriyaki sauce or the vegetarian alternative. It was encouraging to see many of us returning for seconds such that we all but finished our large serving.

As we finished eating we talked briefly about international women’s day - nominating the women that have made significant impacts in our lives and taking a moment to acknowledge and appreciate what they do for us. For many of us this amounted to reflecting on the things Mum does for us especially those that are purely for our benefit and showing some deserved gratitude that we arguably don’t show enough.

These concepts flow neatly into our connected craft activity - making a card as a physical acknowledgement to the important women in our lives that we know and appreciate the work they put in for us. Nicole made a lovely clean and simple love heart card for her mum. Julia got creative using the stickers and textas to pay homage to her mum. It was great to see the boys exert some effort on their cards as well despite their aversion to craft in general. Artin and Aiden both applied admirable effort in their cards which included a simple drawing and a nice message.

As the day wore on our desire to head to the gym intensified and so we cleaned up and headed downstairs. Fortunately for us the trampoline wasn’t in use and so we headed in that direction. The kids enjoyed flipping bouncing and jumping into the foam pit for the better part of our last half hour.

As 6 o’clock approached we transitioned into the front room to play some games as we waited with our cards for our parents.

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