Monday the 8th of March, Year Two and Three

An afternoon full of delicious afternoon tea & aboriginal dot painting and dream time stories! We enjoyed meatballs with rice and beans for afternoon tea, although most of us picked the beans was still really yummy!

We then moved down to the floor to have a group talk about the plan for the rest of the afternoon. Our activity for the afternoon was to decorate a dinosaur cut out using beautiful aboriginal colours and traditional dot painting! Miss Katie explained how during the ice age, when a big float of ice broke off a group of aboriginals jumped on and floated all the way down to Australia, and that is how we got the Dhyear nation. Although the aboriginals are separated, they all believe that they all belong in the same tribe.

We then moved on to painting our dinosaurs. Shrihaan painted the Aboriginal flag and it looks amazing! Sathwik and Luana did really awesome dot paintings for theirs. All of our dinosaurs are unique and look beautiful hanging up from the ceiling, don’t forgot to check them out!

Once our activity was completed we packed up the room and head downstairs for some gym time to finish off our afternoon.

Dhurag word of the week:

Mitiga, meaning welcome

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