Navigators/Adventurers/Explorers/Little Explorers Thursday, 14 January

Today we were honorary astronauts as we designed, built and launched rockets at the park!

Before our spaceships touched the stars we had some round robin activities in the gym. Station 1 was a game of soccer or some gymnastics, station 2 delivered some running games/team challenges and station 3 was the ever popular jump on the trampoline.

When we returned to our classes it was time to refuel for our interplanetary excursion. We began by meeting ranger nick, our rocket expert, who explained how we needed to construct the rocket to reach orbit. When the paper cylinder body was complete, and the top covered with tape, it was time for an injection of design flair with creative placement of rocket ‘wings’ and the use of textas and coloured pencils. Some kids opted for pragmatism with sturdy designs - Yehens rocket even forgoes wings in an effort to be more streamlined. Others focused on unique designs like Ryans rocket that was reminiscent of an original Picasso. Taleen even intelligently intergrated the two, with the tape on her wings serving as the body’s design.

It was then off to the park for launch! Ranger nick had a launching platform made of plastic pipes that used air pressure to launch the rockets way into the air. Justin’s absolutely airtight design impressed everyone with the distance and height it gained. Everyone got a few opportunities for launch before a quick play in the park on the swings or slide.

We returned to the cool of the island to wind down while we ate lunch. We split into our two classes to engage in some free play. In the explorers room the boys enjoyed testing out some new toys while the girls did some drawing and craft.

In the afternoon we returned to the gym for a final run around. Survival tip proved to be the most popular activity although the climbing tower and soccer room certainly received plenty of attention. As the time wore on, we moved to take advantage of the empty trampoline for one turn each before grabbing our shoes and retiring to the front room.

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