Navigators/Adventurers Wednesday, 13 January

Today we hung out at pancakes on the rocks and enjoyed some delicious food!

The day began in typical fashion with a trip to the gym for some free play - an opportunity to have a run, a climb or a game of soccer. We returned to have our morning tea and cool down before engaging in room activities like foosball or using the design boards.

Before long it was time to prepare for our excursion. The boys and girls enjoyed the chance to separate in different buses for our trip to pancakes. Taiki played class clown as he tried to make everyone laugh in the boys bus (and succeeded). At the restaurant, we picked our order before being led to a nice shaded outdoor table and enjoyed prompt service as our food and drinks were delivered swiftly. PJ enjoyed his pancake, saving the ice cream until his last few bites to ensure they were spectacular. Ethan and Flynn loved their burgers, appreciating the novelty of melted cheese on the burger patty itself. Addison opted for the chips and nuggets, approving of their dinosaur shape. By all accounts everyone found the food delicious. For my part I can say they were very well behaved and respectful throughout our time at the restaurant.

We returned for more fun, starting with the long requested jump on the trampoline. While waiting the boys played an involved game of challenges utilizing their environment creatively.

We adjourned for afternoon tea before embarking on a trip upstairs for a few games of imposter. Aarnav enjoyed having a turn as the imposter, as did Amelia and Suveer - our final imposters and only victors! We finally returned downstairs for some games as we awaited our parents.

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