Thursday 19th of November

The kids in year 1 today enjoyed continuing to explore the new room.

We were primarily interested in the bug and plant corner, with Kiara and Abrianna leading the way by creating their own creepy crawly corner. Taking advantage of the renewed interested we learned about photosynthesis - a process by which plants convert light energy from the sun into chemical energy. However as awesome as plants are most kids were more concerned with getting to put their favourite bug on their head.

We also had a couple of entrepreneurs steeping into the world of business by opening their own restaurant with a wide menu ranging from pizza to fish to choc chip cookies. Serrinah, Levi, Zach and Ravi also made a bank for students seeking funds for a meal. Finally they created a vip dining experience for three lucky customers to enjoy what I’m assured is a five star meal.

The rest of the boys took the new mat for a spin, tearing around the racetrack and flying over self made jumps before landing neatly in one of the parking spaces.

After packing our mess up we ended the day with a well earned jump on the trampoline before heading home.

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