Thursday 3rd of December

Today year 2 had an activity filled day.

As some of us tend to go home early, we decided to race through afternoon tea and speed straight to the gym for a jump on the trampoline. This meant we got an extended turn with no one on the sidelines. We took full advantage of our time with games of tip and double bounce among plenty of others. Serenity took the time to construct a foam bed to lie down on while Riley and Campbell tried to outdo each other with tricks and jumps into the foam pit.

When we took our leave from the gym we were plenty sweaty an thus rehydrated before moving on to our next activity which by popular demand was laser tag! We grabbed the equipment and took it upstairs where we had the run of the place, sorted ourselves into teams and started running around. It was a cagey contest with neither team particularly keen to leave their base and go on the offensive, so many engagements were short lived or occurred across long ranges. The red team, Riley, Om and Campbell eventually came out victorious.

To wind down we went to the classroom of years 4,5 and 6 for some handball or free play before getting picked up.

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