Thursday 4/2

Today 4-6 enjoyed Lebanese bread and sweet potato dip for afternoon tea before discussing the importance of saying grace.

We then decided to create profiles for the wall about each of us, they included our name, something that represented us and something we want to achieve this year - Shaurya’s was that he wanted to make it into the OC class for next year. We were all a little stuck for inspiration on how to do our profile so we had a look at khushi’s who used the snowflake cut out on her paper to make a border and we all got inspired and all decided that maybe we should make a border too. Once a lot of us had finished our profiles we all sat down in front of the blackboard and came up with a classroom rules for the year all together. We came up with some really good ones, we started with no running and we ended with the one that we always end with - to have fun. We then spoke about how this year we’re going to treat our space right and clean up after ourselves, so we all took a moment after writing the rules to clean up the back area of the room before sitting back down on the couches to play charades while Miss Lauren vacuumed. We then we all got to go to the gym and have a great end to our afternoon.

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