Thursday December 10

Today began with a small concert from one of our very own, Dana Moon. She played her clarinet beautifully for the whole Island. Then we completed our second to last challenge for Christmas Wars. For the challenge, we played. Christmas Bingo with a twist! Instead of Miss.Kaylah just calling out the bingo items like “penguin” or “Christmas tree,” she described each item. This was a bit trick, but we enjoyed it because this version of bingo challenged our brains. The girls won this challenge, earning four points in total. Evie won three of the points & Amelia won one for her team! The boys came in second place with 2 points. Aarnav won the first point & Oliver won the second.

After our challenge we played handball, drew pictures, played video games & worked on mazes. The maze was extremely difficult, so any child who completes it will get 10 points for their team. No one completed it today, but there’s always tomorrow! This maze alone could completely change the winner of the competition, because the teams are ent even 10 points apart. Let’s see who takes on the expert maze!

We has a great day today & are looking forward to our last challenge tomorrow. Who o you think will win?

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