Thursday June 3rd, 2021 - Year 2 & 3

Today we had a super fun day! We began the day being silly during afternoon tea. In the pictures you can see that Robin kept his mask on and was a dancing storm trooper for the afternoon. After we ate our sandwiches, we raced down to the gym. The entire afternoon we played all of our favorite games in the gym on the basketball court like bull rush and survival tip. Miss. Amber and Miss. Kaylah ran around the gym with all of us! We got super sweaty from all of the running but we laughed a lot playing our group games. The afternoon ended with a good amount of free play. All the boys who play soccer went to their class with Mr. David as well! We also had a basketball competition between Om, Miss. Amber, Riley and Mr. Cameron. It was quite fun to watch!

We all look forward to coming back to class tomorrow ❤️ See you then!

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