Thursday, May 6th 2021 Year 2-3

Today we continued on with our craft from yesterday. But before we got to that, we had some sloppy joe pizza! This is our favorite type of pizza for afternoon tea. Then we got right to finishing our Mother’s Day picture frames because there was a lot of us who were not here yesterday to begin them. We took turns using the glue to put our paddle pop sticks together. Some of them had a cool designs on them like polkadots and others had stripes or colorful paddle pops. Then we printed out our photos to glue onto the frames.

For the rest of the afternoon we went to different classes like piano, soccer and fitness! These are some of our favorite classes so it was an exciting day! We had a dance party to finish off the afternoon, because why not?! Everyone loves dressing up and dancing in our classroom. We even used the big loud speaker to play the best songs!

See you tomorrow to finish off our Mothers Day crafts! ❤️

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